Roof Pros General Contracting

It is critical to choose the right general contractor for your project. Roof Pros Dallas, Inc. is established, experienced, competitive and innovative. "No compromise" is not just a tag line for us, it defines us.

Roof Pros Dalls Inc. is qualified and experienced in every type of commercial roofing need – from simple projects to the highly-complex. We hire only experienced professionals, and we stay at the forefront of training. 

Pricing: We use state-of-the-art estimating tools and take advantage of buying power to ensure that our bids are accurate and competitive. It’s important to make sure that all contractors are bidding the same detailed scope of work, in order to make a full evaluation and the best decision for your project.

Financial Stability: An often overlooked component of choosing a contractor. Our financial stability is documented and strong. Insist on bonding your project. A payment and performance bond will insure that your contractor pays their bills and completes the contract.

Safety Record: We take safety seriously. The construction industry is labor-intensive, complex and stringent safety requirements. There are no short cuts with Roof Pros Dallas, Inc.

Our Process:

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